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"Amanita Charm" Magick Movement Earrings
  • These one of a kind pair of FIDGET earrings are handmade with sturdy and lightweight polymer clay and steel stud earring hoops (nickle-free!) 

    These particular earrings are infused with hand picked garden sage, straight from my own garden. 


    Spin, pull, or play with these unique, functional and purposeful earrings to help ease anxious or excess energy, to derail harmful actions such as skin picking, nail biting, or hair pulling, to stim, or any reason you need to fidget! PLUS, they look ADORABLE! Since these Magick Movement earrings are meant to be touched and played with, for any case your earring breaks from these actions, please email with pictures of your broken pieces and I will do all I can to fix this!

    "Amanita Charm" Magick Movement Earrings

    • Jewelry Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any skin irritation, discoloration, or infection. Clean steel fish hook before using! This metal is nickel-free and lead free. 


      Shop Policy: Jewelry is sturdy but still should be handled with care. It is not our responsibility any of the chains or jump rings break or come apart. If the hand crafted polymer clay pendant breaks, please contact our email for more info. Every item is uniquely made, we do not mass produce. We cannot promise to return the same project but can fix or replace the item with a similar one. NO REFUNDS. 

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