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Meet Alexis!

Creator of Your Local Fairy


"I started to call my brand, Your Local Fairy as an outlet for my creativity and a place  to share my art. I was never one to call myself an artist, but as I grew, I learned that is just who I am. My art comes in many different mediums, including painting, clay creations, wire wrapping, sewing, recently,  I learned how to carve my own stamps and print clothing and of course magick. While exploring Fae Magick and felt that I truly connected with these spirits.  I love to add my own twists, plenty of color, and pour my soul and emotions into every piece I create, usually adding the little fae folk as inspiration and painting the world through my eyes. I am not only an artist but a teacher for children in communication and theatre. They remind me of my inner child daily, and that is something I want to bring to our realities, where it is okay to be silly and remember our true selves. I hope to use my art not only to express myself but also to give a voice and bring a community to those who might feel misunderstood in a world that is slowly forgetting the magick. It is about time to bring the color back to this world. It is something we all need; just like a flower needs to be watered, we need art and magick."

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Alexis Krayniak

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