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*construction noises*
Hey there magickal folks! 

Our fae friends are rebuilding and putting a fresh coat of color on the shop. They would love if you enjoyed a little magick in the meantime! 

It tends to be very difficult remembering who we once were, before being shaped and molded by outside forces. It's time to get back to the core of our true being.
Underneath it all, you are still there. It takes being in your own space and being comfortable there. It can be an uncomfortable journey, venturing into the unknown. But you are worth it. 

"I am worth it" 

Pardon the fairy dust!
Shop will REOPEN

Check back for the opening date!

What should you expect for 
YOUR LOCAL FAIRY's reconstruction?

​- A new place to shop YLF merch
- A portfolio of stories, poetry, and visuals
-Custom Art
- Art and Prints ​
-New blog updates 
-Teasers for Alexis' newest fae fictional book!
​ ​

while you wait...
please enjoy a


Remembrance Spell
Remind yourself who you are.
Find a stone or a crystal ( a clear quartz or rose quartz are great for memory, a clear mind, self awareness & love)
Hold the stone close to your heart and take a few deep breaths. 
Get to know the stone. Is the texture rough or smooth? Any sharp edges? Does it shine a certain way?
Now with every time you notice something different about the stone- try to see if any of the features parallels who you might be. Say it out loud. It can be be something like "Though this rock is shining, some points are really sharp. Sometimes I can sharp too, even though I seem happy and shining." 
Now whisper into the rock anything you WANT to be again. 
Example: "I want to be a good listener and softer with my words again"
With this stone in hand, give yourself a huge, grounding hug. Fill the stone with love and intention. 

Now this stone is going to be your friend. And it will also represent your true inner core (your BFF). Place it somewhere you will see it from time to time. Remember the feeling of holding the stone and holding yourself. The love you felt for who you are in the moment. Keep the stone around for daily magick, to set intentions into, and recollect you. 


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