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Fun Guy Specter Long Sleeve (M)
  • Black long sleeve with two 6" slits on the sides of the bottom hem 

    Size Listed: Medium

    Measurements: Bust 23" Length 27" Bottom hem 19" Sleeves 18"


    All clothes are hand stamped. MIGHT fade with time and washes. 

    • To keep prints looking bright, wash on LOW setting and COLD water

    • Since clothes are thrifted; they are inspected for any wear and tear. If you DO find your clothes tearing, I suggest distressing clothing before throwing out or finding a new purpose. Your Local Fairy is about reducing waste as much as possible, and lowering the clothing cycle by upcycling lightly used thrifted clothing. If you find an issue with your product please reach out to No refunds. We will work out your issue.

    Fun Guy Specter Long Sleeve (M)

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