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"Magick Starlight" Veiling Bandana

Each bandana is hand sewn, crocheted (strings) and printed with hand carved stamps. They also include a tiny pocket and a small black obsidian. They are all crafted with repurposed materials. 


These Veiling Bandanas can be used to protect your energy. As you tie this bandana on, place protective intention into it. You can put a spell, a sigil, an affirmation, or any small item in the pocket to enhance your magickal protection. 


Shop Policy: Every item is uniquely made, we do not mass produce. We cannot promise to return the same project but can fix or replace the item with a similar one. NO REFUNDS. If you have a question or concern about your product, please contact our email for more info.


"Magick Starlight" Veiling Bandana

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