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Flowy Flora Skirt
  • Each unique piece is hand thrifted, inspected and washed.

    I individually hand dye each piece of apparel and hand print with hand carved stamps.


    Tie String Closer- can be sinched and gathered to fit smaller, and is a stretchy, flowy cotton/rayan blend fabric. 

    Sized as: "Free Size" est. Small-XLarge


    Waist: about 40" at the largest width

    Lentgth: 33" 

    Flowy Flora Skirt

    • All clothes are thrifted to ensure waste reduction for a greener planet. Clothes are slightly used and might have been fixed. No returns for clothing! If they do not fit or you are unhappy with the piece, the next best thing is handing it down to someone else to keep the clothing cycle going! 

      Any dyed or stamped pieces MIGHT have slight fading. RECOMMENDED to either hand wash or gentle cycle. 

      Each unique piece is hand thrifted and inspected and washed then printed with hand carved stamps. 

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