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"Empowerment" Sticker
  • "Empowerment" was made with a series of different fairies species- each having a different magickal meaning- this one is to remind one to empower themselves. She believes you have what you need inside, your intuition, and with the help of the magickal beings from beyond, you can empower your own powers and strength. 


    These strong stickers can be stuck on your phone, on a wall, or a notebook, and it is as resilient as yourself. Or stick it around the town to empower another through the power of art.  Enjoy! 

    "Empowerment" Sticker

    • Each product is uniquely handmade with personal artistic expression. If there is a reason you are not satisfied with the product or if the product comes to you damaged, you can contact myself through the website or and I will do what I can to fix the problem. All sales are final, but I want to work with you so you absolutely love and enjoy all of the magick.

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