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Sigils are magickal patterns created with intent through ritual. Sigils are an ancient magickal practice and varies with each individual. The symbol carries your desired outcome, and I will provide my own magickal rituals, that include herbs, candles, crystals, and bells, which is a form of cleansing in Faerie Magick. 

Sigil Magick

You pick the message and color of your sigil and

I will add corresponding dried flowers and herbs

as well as rainbow crystals that

reflect the rays of the sun and

spread color all around your home.


Sigil Magick

Sun Catcher

Sigil Magick Package

Each sigil package will be $20 and will include a video of your sigil ritual being done and meditation exercises, your sigil will be mailed to your home along with the herbs and another surprise! 

Thank you! We will email you an invoice!

Disclaimer! Magick works in crazy ways, but one way to get the magick in motion is ACTION! DO NOT expect magick to work all on it's own... it needs your dedication to make it happen!


  Personalized Sigil Magick Sun Catcher
Color preference for your sigil pattern?

Sigil Sun Catchers are $30

Once submitted, I will be emailing you with an invoice for payment. 

Thanks for submitting!

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